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Visit our Virtual Application Centre

We've launched a Virtual Application Centre, the next stop on from our Virtual Exhibition where you can fully immerse yourself in an online world full of Burkert products and applications.

With the look and feel of a real physical environment, Bürkert’s latest virtual domain offers photo-realistic, 1:1 3D models, videos and key technical documentation. It also features a conference room for live chat, as well as an auditorium for on-demand presentations and video conferences. The online application centre combines some of the best aspects of the physical and virtual worlds; being available 24/7, it is both safe and convenient.


At the heart of this innovative virtual experience are different Application Rooms, which showcase how Bürkert’s measurement and control systems for liquids and gases can benefit water, gas, microfluidics, hygienic, food & beverage applications. In these showrooms, visitors can interact with real-world systems and case studies to learn more about Bürkert’s key products and solutions.

The virtual platform offers a unique experience for everyone in the manufacturing and processing industries interested in the latest fluid control technologies.