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The complete valve package from Bürkert

Bürkert always goes the extra mile for our customers. Whether that be by developing a comprehensive range of instrumentation and devices all under one roof, through to delivering valve packages on individually labelled pallets for pre-assigned areas of the plant – we aim to make your valve procurement process as simple, easy and cost-effective as possible. 

Simple and cost-effective valve procurement

Here at Bürkert, we’re trying to reduce the overall costs for pharmaceutical companies. Normally a business might buy diaphragm valves from one of our competitors, then buy a ball valve from another company, a butterfly valve from someone else and a check valve from another supplier again. With all these different companies to deal with, you have to place orders for each valve and deal with several different points of contact. That all adds to the time and cost of your valve procurement.

Bürkert, on the other hand, offers everything under one roof. We have the buying power as a corporate group and have established purchase agreements with manufacturers in Asia to ensure that we can offer competitive valve packages. This is coupled with some of our own innovative products that we can include. Therefore, if a company is purchasing 1,500-3,000 valves for a project, we can offer a complete Bürkert valve package.

You then have just one point of contact, which significantly reduces your number of purchase orders. Instead of having 20, 30, maybe 40 purchase orders for all of these products, you could do the whole project in a dozen. This further reduces the cost to the company.

Bürkert valve package’s streamline installation process

You also have a synergy between all our different products. The third party products that Bürkert occasionally buys in have some of our components in, which gives them commonality with Bürkert manufactured products. This makes it easier when it comes to installation, as well as for commissioning and back up, because you only have the one company to deal with.

We try to take that to the next level. Some of these plants are quite big and are often broken down into various areas. We’ve tried to customise the logistics, so that rather than packaging valves on random pallets for the installers to search through, we’ll put all the valves for that area on a series of pallets and they’ll all be fully labelled for their intended area.

When they come to the goods area, they can then stack them in the area where they’re going to use them and inside those pallets will be a list of all the valves, which will match up with the list on their drawings. That then reduces the time it normally takes to search for products and review the documentation. It’s about trying to reduce the costs for the installers and the contractors alike.

Take a look at our online brochure here.

Offering more than just valve packages

We don’t just offer valves either. We also have our FLOWave hygienic flowmeter, for example. With innovative products like this we’re trying to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We’re positioning ourselves as more than just valve suppliers – we can offer much more.

We’re providing bespoke system solutions that take into account the customer’s applications, rather than just selling 1,000s of different sizes and shapes of valves. For us, it’s all about trying to offer a better service to our customers.

For more information about Bürkert’s valve package solutions, or to discuss your application requirements in more detail, please contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email

Bürkert ball valve packagesBürkert ball valve packages

Bürkert connects a world of process solutions to create a synergy of hardworking valve elements, process actuation, sensors and networked communication that provides a truly single source for remarkably effective systems. As part of our joined-up approach to delivering highly functional and reliable valve packages, Bürkert can supply a full range of quarter turn ball valve options.


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