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Miniature pumps with big results: Bürkert’s partnership with Schwarzer Precision

Pumps and valves enjoy a symbiotic relationship at the heart of many flow control applications. Which is why Bürkert has forged a similarly interdependent partnership with Schwarzer Precision, the technology leader in the production of miniature pumps. Now working closer than ever, we can supply high-performance fluid systems consisting of valves, sensors, controllers and pumps – all from a single source.

With joint distribution of Bürkert and Schwarzer Precision products in effect across the UK, we can now supply increasingly complex fluid systems consisting of valves, sensors, controllers and pumps. Customers can source state-of-the-art pump and valve technology all from Bürkert UK, enabling rapid project turnarounds, fully customised fluidic performance, and minimal logistics expenditure.

Who is Schwarzer Precision?

Schwarzer Precision GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1970 by Jürgen Schwarzer. Over the decades, the company, based in Essen, Germany has evolved from manufacturing aquarium equipment to high-performance miniature pumps. Now their extensive product range covers everything from gas and liquid pumps to diaphragm pumps, mini vane pumps, piston pumps, linear pumps and rotary pumps.

In 2011, Schwarzer Precision was awarded the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes (Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises) from the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. Considered the most coveted business award in Germany, this accolade recognised Schwarzer’s exemplary corporate management from the first point of contact right through to their to aftercare service.

Schwarzer Precision and Bürkert’s combined engineering expertise

Bürkert’s partnership with Schwarzer Precision combines our expertise in designing micro-fluidic process controls and manifolds with Schwarzer’s aptitude for precision-engineered pumps. Now, in conjunction with Schwarzer, we can prototype pumps in less than five days. Every aspect of the pump design can be specified, from housing materials right down to specialist connections and valves.

Working closely with Bürkert’s Systemhaus, Schwarzer engineers can create prototype designs within a matter of days. Bürkert system engineers fine-tune the design of the pump and its integration with the manifold or process component to create the initial assembly, which can then be integrated within wider micro-fluidic process control designs.

The end result? Precision instruments with a minimal footprint and whisper-quiet performance.

Schwarzer Precision miniature diaphragm pump products

The following are just three Schwarzer Precision miniature pump products that Bürkert UK can supply as part of our co-distribution partnership.

FZ - Vane Pumps

The Schwarzer Precision FZ vane pump is the smallest of its type in the world. These rotary valve pumps offer the optimal solution for pumping low volumes in a high-precision, pulsating-free fashion. Lightweight at just 12g, these compact, low-power vane pumps are especially suitable for portable machines.

EC – Eccentric Diaphragm Pumps

Schwarzer Precision EC eccentric diaphragm pumps deliver maximum reliability and performance from the smallest of envelopes. Compatible with pressure or vacuum pumps, these miniature diaphragm pumps deliver maximum leak-tightness, high chemical resistance and reliable performance from a few millilitres to 18 l/min.

RO – Rotary Diaphragm Pumps

Schwarzer Precision RO rotary diaphragm pumps combine maximum operational efficiency and impermeability with almost linear pressure-volume characteristics. RO rotary diaphragm pumps generate pressure up to 1.3 bar, with an extracted volume up to 5.3 l/min, delivering impressive cost-performance ratios in larger-scale applications.

For more information about the complete range of Schwarzer Precision mini pumps available from Bürkert, or to discuss your fluid system requirements in more detail, please contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email

Customised micro pumps with rapid prototyping

The time required to create new micro-fluidic equipment from prototype to full production can be minimised by taking advantage of Bürkert’s expertise in design and manufacturing.

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