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Bürkert 'closes control loop' with ball valve + actuator and positioner combinations

Our ball valve / actuator / positioner combinations can provide you with a compact modular system for fluid control at a very competitive cost with fast delivery

Bürkert UK has expanded its range of products for providing complete process solutions with the introduction of a range of ball valves, saving you time by going to one manufacturer only.

Available manual or complete with quarter turn single or double acting pneumatic and electric rotary actuators and the facility for low cost positioning control via Bürkert’s innovative side control positioner.

Supplied in a number of options;

  • Standard port sizes from ¼” to 4”, threaded, flanged, weld, clamp ended, standard or carbon steel.
  • suitable for use up to +225 degrees C (and down to -20 degrees C)
  • stainless steel equipped with PTFE seals as standard for use with gaseous and liquid media
  • other seal materials available
  • quarter turn pneumatic rotary actuators, optical position indicators, mechanical feedback and pilot valve connections for NAMUR pilot valves, or Bürkert Side Control positioners.

Meet Neil, our UK General Manager. Here he explains the business decision to increase our scope of supply…

“Bürkert is a complete systems and solutions provider to process markets, as evidenced by our batch control packages. This means that we are able to supply everything you need on a project - including ball valves: a requirement that we are well equipped to flexibly satisfy.”

Neil Saunders Burkert


Want to know more? This is just to give you a flavour, but what we offer is a wide range of solutions, not all of which are on the website.

Please find our Rotary Valve Program below.


Rotary Valve Program

Rotary Valve Program

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If you have a specific requirement, please contact our sales team via telephone +44 (0)1285 648720, email or fill in the form below. 


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