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Bürkert ball valve packages

Bürkert connects a world of process solutions to create a synergy of hardworking valve elements, process actuation, sensors and networked communication that provides a truly single source for remarkably effective systems. As part of our joined-up approach to delivering highly functional and reliable valve packages, Bürkert can supply a full range of quarter turn ball valve options.

With our extensive knowledge of process applications, process engineering and control and automation technology, Bürkert is the valve package expert that you can trust. We have more than 70 years’ worth of global experience in the market and have always positioned ourselves at the forefront of the process world.

Ball valve manufacturers

Bürkert’s initial process valve experience in linear applications has been applied to quarter turn actuation, allowing us to address the process environment as a whole. Our system approach is designed to secure both your safety and your competitive advantage.

Through consultation, engineering support, selection and commissioning in application environments spanning a wide spectrum of processing industries, we aim to present you with only the most appropriate project solution possible for your application.

Industrial ball valves

Ball valve packages are part of our enhanced product offer, which we are proud to offer to our UK & Ireland customers. Bürkert ball valves are available in a wide range of sizes and constructions, manually operated but also complete with quarter turn single or double acting pneumatic and electric rotary actuators and the option for low-cost positioning control thanks to our advanced side control positioner.

“Bürkert is a complete systems and solutions provider to process markets, as evidenced by our batch control packages,” says Neil Saunders, UK General Manager. “This means that we are able to supply everything you need on a project – including ball valves: a requirement that we are well equipped to flexibly satisfy.”

Choose Bürkert for your ball valve packages

At Bürkert, we are flexible enough to handle small, medium to large one-off projects. We have worked with a number of end users and are a trusted partner for process integrators. As global innovators, we can project manage large scale complex systems but we are also agile enough to support smaller local projects. At Bürkert we love engineering, projects and process control products – including ball valves.

Some of the benefits of Bürkert ball valve packages include:

  • Handling of huge projects with short lead times.
  • Handling of project specific customer requirements.
  • Engineered solutions and services.
  • Bespoke labelling – large scale.
  • Bespoke packaging – large scale.
  • Logistical support – labelling and tagging of package contents.
  • Cross industry experience and knowledge; pharmaceutical, food & beverage, water and chemical.

Our ball valve, actuator, positioner combinations can provide you with a compact modular system for fluid control at a highly competitive cost and with fast delivery. Contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email to discuss your specific requirements.

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