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Automating and controlling hygienic production processes

Whether food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology or water – cleanliness and hygiene are decisive for the safe production of high-quality and approved products. The economic pressure is also growing: In addition to consistently high quality, the market demands larger production quantities and a maximum of individuality and variety. This applies to both pharmaceuticals and food. You can achieve both with the help of intelligent and coordinated automation solutions. Take advantage of our cross-sector experience with regard to all automation concepts and fluid handling. Bürkert offers you comprehensive technical know-how and suitable system and product solutions for individual and standardised applications.

How can intelligent automation increase your productivity while ensuring the quality of your products? Talk to the Bürkert experts about the ideal solution for yours or your customers plants.


Which automation concept suits your situation best?

Which automation concept fits your requirements? Discover the benefits and best solutions of the concepts:

Decentralised automationDecentralised automation

Your food or pharmaceutical production processes must be efficient, safe and hygienic. To ensure the processing of valuable raw materials without residues and cross-contamination, to ensure constant product quality and not to risk downtime, digital process monitoring is essential. The easiest way to achieve this is with decentralised automation solutions that can control intelligent components locally and react quickly. To ensure that such a valve technology of short distances fits optimally into your existing machine or system concepts, we advise you objectively and have solution-neutral offers ready for you. In the process, we reduce everything you can do without to a minimum: complexity, risk and engineering effort. We will be more than happy to advise you!

Close to the process with distributed automationClose to the process with distributed automation

Are you looking to automate your plant with a close-to-process and secure method? Bürkert provides the support you need thanks to its perfectly matched and compact solutions. Discover just how easy it is to combine our wide range of components and integrate valve islands, control cabinets and process valves into a complete automation system.

Meet challenges with future-proof automation concepts

In automation, relevant know-how is the key to future-proof production plants with high availability and assured product quality. Therefore, discover more about specific technical requirements and industrial communication protocols. Of course, our experts from the Systemhaus will be happy to advise you on customer-specific solutions.

Industrial communication protocols

The choice of fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet protocols is extensive. As a manufacturer of automation solutions, we make sure to offer you fully functional and financially viable solutions.

Increase the safety and availability of your plant with these solutions

Discover Bürkert solutions for the automation and control of hygienic processes:

A small selection of satisfied customers we work with

Are you also interested in an individual solution or detailed technical advice? Our experts at the Systemhaus look forward to your enquiry.

Duits & Lauret

Duits & Lauret is a Dutch craft beer brewery based near Utrecht. Find out how Bürkert’s experience in automation contributes to the brewery’s product quality and productivity.

Customer references
Customer references

Further information

Would you like to receive individual advice on a system solution or other valuable information?

Your Project Partner Your Project Partner

Designing and building new pharmaceutical processes is a complex and expensive task. New processes or skids can be simplified and made more cost-effective by improving communication and working with an experienced solutions provider. By coordinating the different project design groups and optimising the purchasing process by combining a number of product packages, Bürkert are the perfect partner for pharmaceutical projects. 


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