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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

Introducing the Bürkert Type 8750 flow rate controller

The Bürkert Type 8750 flow rate controller is a solution for the effective control of gas flow, in industrial applications. This Bürkert flow rate controller is supplied under one part number and consists of a control valve mounted on a prefabricated Spool piece with flanges, two pressure transmitters and a PID controller. This system would replace a conventional control valve, flow meter and controller, which would normally have to be procured from three separate manufacturers – thus reducing the procurement effort. The 8750 system is supplied pre-wired and assembled, reducing installation time.

Features of the Type 8750 flow rate controller

As an integrated solution, this Bürkert flow rate controller consists of a Type 2301 ELEMENT continuous control valve, two Type 8323 pressure transmitters and a Type 8693 compact process controller. It also comes with optional temperature compensation.

The features of this innovative flow rate controller allow even more efficiency when it comes to calculating and controlling the flow rate of gas. The set point can be defined as flow or air velocity, using either a local or remote setting through either standard signal or fieldbus.

The 8750 system has been specifically designed for pneumatic conveying applications to allow for the dynamic control of air to maintain the correct gas to solid ratio. This ensures pipes are not plugged by product during the transfer process. 

Due to the innovative, integrated design of this system, the flow rate controller features low assembly costs and easy commissioning – further advantages of this unique system.

Bürkert flow rate controller applications

As a reliable, robust system, the Bürkert 8750 flow rate controller can be used in bulk handling pneumatic conveying applications with air or barrier gases, for example nitrogen. The system is typically used in four main industries:

  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plastic
  • Pharmaceutical

This flow rate controller is used for pneumatic conveying applications to move raw materials used in glass manufacture, ceramic industries, food and beverage applications, plastic production and chemical production. It is especially suited to products susceptible to degradation during the transportation process, as the flow rate can be automatically controlled to ensure the product is not damaged.

Contact us for more information via the contact form below or drop an email to sales.uk@burkert.com.

Flow Rate Controller, flow control system for gases

Flow Rate Controller, flow control system for gases

Type 8750

  • Reliable, robust system
  • Reduced interfaces
  • Orifice plate and actuator in one
  • Easy operation
  • Fit for stand-alone operation
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