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Type 8619 multiCELL for distributed control in water treatment applications

With many industries now employing cooling towers in their plants, the water treatment process within these systems plays an ever more critical role. One that requires careful control.

With that in mind, the Type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controller delivers a modular solution that is compatible with Bürkert's complete range of sensors, control valves and dosing pumps.

Cooling towers are known to fall foul of scale build-up, corrosion and microbiological contamination. It is therefore critical to install a water treatment system to avoid such problems and maintain an effective cooling process. A coordinated approach is required to control the necessary sensors, valves and pumps using multi-channel controllers to maintain optimum conditions in the cooling system.

Valve controllers water treatment applications


Distributed control in water treatment applications

Sourcing sensors and controllers from a variety of suppliers can make the process of designing, installing and commissioning the control apparatus for a water treatment application within a cooling tower system all the more complicated. Furthermore, operators and maintenance engineers will require extra training to familiarise themselves with the new control system.  

However, an integrated system that comprises products from a single manufacturer can greatly reduce installation time. During the manual parameterisation of the individual components, the technician is frequently confronted with differing operating concepts of different manufacturers. This increases both commissioning time and the risk of potential errors.

Type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controller for water treatment applications

Our Type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controller is designed to cut processing costs in water treatment applications. This one intelligent control device can oversee the direct connection of a wide range of sensors to measure such parameters as flow rate, pH, ORP, temperature and conductivity. The multiCELL's versatility even extends to being configured as a Multipoint data logger with data storage on SD cards.

MultiCELL transmitter controller in water treatment applications


The distributed control system comprises a fully-featured, modular base unit equipped with a large backlit display; user-friendly softkey controls, with two digital and frequency inputs; direct connections for various sensor types; and two digital and analogue outputs that drive solenoid valves, control valves and actuators.

The multiCELL's impressive functionality can be expanded with ease by adding hardware and software modules. Up to six pre-configured I/O boards can be added and software packages can be added to further enhance the transmitter functions.

This modular expansion facility ensures that users only pay for features that they actually require. Moreover, since the multiCELL provides a single transmitter, across a wide range of applications, inventory and training costs are minimized.

Localised and intelligent control

Despite being highly functional, the multiCELL is both easy and intuitive to operate thanks to the large graphical display and the dynamically assigned function keys. Clearly arranged menu and module structures allow for easy configuration and high transparency for the functions in use. While four user views can be configured by the operator, allowing the user to tailor a bespoke view of their chosen value arrangement.

State-of-the-art control algorithms and sophisticated electronics ensure that optimum process control can always be maintained, with minimal operator intervention. Control valves and chemical dosing pumps can be controlled via pulse, on/off or analogue signals to suit the application. The versatility of the multiCELL also allows it to be integrated into a wide variety of applications, from the simplistic to the most complex.

Maintaining precise localised control over the water quality within the cooling system ensures reliable performance of associated equipment, reducing down-time and maintenance costs. The Type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controller excels further still in this regard when coupled with our wide range of sensors, flowmeters, pumps and control valves that are specially designed for this type of application.

Contact our technical support team at sales.uk@burkert.com for more information.


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