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Remote valve controller and transmitter for localised control

The Type 8619 multiCELL is a modular, multi-variable remote valve controller with multi-channel inputs for different sensor types such as flow, pH, ORP, conductivity and free chlorine. It is designed to cut processing costs in water treatment and hygienic processing applications, providing one device for the direct connection of a wide range of flow and analytical sensors.


Remote valve controller for distributed I/O

The multiCELL valve controller allows process control tasks to be carried out locally, connecting valves, flowmeters, pressure sensors and temperature sensors to control and regulate processes without having to wire each component to a central plant control cabinet or room.

multiCELL valve controller for water treatment systems


The multiCELL remote valve transmitter allows for multiple control cabinet components to be replaced with one neat controller with a compact display. This means the relative costs of a large enclosure, rack mounted plc, I/O, cabling, power supply and HMI can be replaced with just one multiCELL controller in its own enclosure. 

Remote valve transmitter and valve controller


The Type 8619 is the ideal device for measurement, control and dosing processes in applications of water treatment plants (like boiler, cooling tower or reverse osmosis systems) and food and pharma plants. Sophisticated electronics and state of the art control algorithms ensure that optimum process control is maintained at all times, with minimal operator intervention. 

The simple, intuitive user interface is supported by a large, adjustable backlit display (with four user defined views), while software and hardware extensions result in an excellent price to functionality relation. 

Features and Benefits of the multiCELL for Flow and Analytical Sensors

The multiCELL offers highly flexible modularity in hardware and software, starting on a basic device up to a device with extended functionality and multichannel I/O capability. The standard device includes a graphic display with adjustable backlight and user-friendly dynamic softkey operation. 

It comes with either a remote panel mount or wall mount housing (designed for use in rough conditions). While a separate kit is available for mounting on pipes and a weather roof is also available for outer usage. The full plastic housing has no outer metallic parts and offers front-side access to all of the wall-mount housing’s electrical connectors.

Out of the box functions include:

  • Flow measurement via pulse input.
  • Information system, code access, control, functionality, calculation formulas.
  • Calibration at highest level, yet easy to use.
  • Integrated test functions and simulation for each.
  • I/O channel offer fast start-up and minimum maintenance and allows process behaviour test at any time.
  • Device status diagnosis provides permanent device and sensor status and prevents frequent device checks.

The extended device features up to six factory built and pre configured I/O boards. These offer additional analytical sensor connection and analogue and digital signals. One device can be used for a wide range of applications – with the advantage of having to learn operation, handling and maintenance only once – thus reducing the number of variants in stock.

Storing calibration data and min./max. measurement values allow transparency at specific passed production times. Plus, multipoint data logging and data setting backup on an SD card supports date and time oriented transparency to process behaviour and quality, and ensures maximum reliability and operator confidence.

To see available options including datasheets, CAD models etc. please click here.

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