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Solenoid valves for coffee machines by Bürkert

With new developments in vending and dispensing applications, the requirement for compact, intelligent and multi-functional components that meet stringent internal and external safety and quality criteria are increasing.


Designers are now required to plan beyond the basic operation of a vending machine, to consider how cleaning procedures, component maintenance, ingredients and hygiene standards all impact on component specification and selection.

Solenoid Valve of choice for coffee machine spares

coffee machine solenoid valves

Bürkert is the manufacturer of choice for valves and spares for servicing coffee machines. Whether you require ad hoc supply, or business support to achieve your valve stock forecast, the team at Bürkert UK can assist you with specialist technical and commercial support.

If you are a service company, procuring maintenance parts for your client or the original OEM, Bürkert can identify, suggest and supply the most appropriate products to suit your application. Our solenoid valves for industrial applications are frequently recommended and deployed for vending and dispensing applications.

Why Bürkert solenoid valves for dispensing hot liquids?

Miniature solenoid valves
Liquid solenoid valves

Bürkert solenoid valves guarantee long-term, high-quality performance with significantly decreased maintenance costs. All of our solenoid valves are made of high grade, premium materials, offering the highest chemical resistance. They are rugged enough to withstand cleaning and sterilisation cycles, yet reliable enough to complete in excess of three million operations without intervention.

Bürkert solenoid valves can be connected together into maintenance friendly modules, whereby single valves can be easily connected and extended as required. So there are no set design limits for the manifold, which therefore greatly reduces assembly times and production costs.

The ability to build a valve combination block also minimises potential leakage sites. Elements such as connectors, screw joints or tubes, are no longer required between the single valves. This minimises connection points, subsequent leakages and possible sources of faults in the system.

Piping requirements are also reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing for a more compact system with reduced space requirements. A more compact construction simultaneously increases flexibility, because additional functions can be integrated into the vending machine, and parts inventories both in the factory and in service can also be streamlined.

For further details please download the white paper "How to manage fluids and dosing in vending machines" please click below.



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