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A guide to Bürkert microfluidic valves

Bürkert’s experience in the field of microfluidics dates back as far as 1993, when we developed rocker valve technology with the Type 127 valve. This new technology at the time meant that higher back pressures could be accommodated, which ensured that the valve did not leak. In order to meet the specific demands of miniaturisation, our microfluidic valve designs all offer maximum precision, excellent cleanability, low internal volume, outstanding chemical resistance and low heat transfer into the medium.

Microfluidic valves for time-pressure dosing

Bürkert provides a range of microfluidic valve designs that are perfect for time-pressure dosing. With fast switching, low internal volume, excellent flushability, extremely high life cycle, and compact size, Bürkert valves are essential to any dosing application.

Bürkert Type 6712 WhisperValve


The Bürkert Type 6712 WhisperValve, with its compact dimensions (7mm width and 26mm height) and media separated diaphragm, can be installed in small, portable machines or on pipetting arms. Fast switching guarantees precision dosing in any application and the low internal volume of only 5µl and excellent flushability both guarantee reliable results and eliminate the chance of cross contamination.

Microfluidic valves for syringe pump dosing

Bürkert’s expertise in precision dosing with ultra-short response times, low internal volumes, chemically inert materials for unaltered test results, as well as cross contamination free components and manifolds, enable the effective design of
your lab automation devices. A wide range of micro valves, with or without media separation, is available and perfectly suitable for syringe pump dosing.

Bürkert Type 6624 TwinPower


The Bürkert Type 6624 TwinPower actuator signifies a radical reduction in size and footprint, offering greater flexibility Within a space saving form, without any compromises in performance. With only 10 mm pitch, our media-separated rocker valve features a 1.6 mm orifice and 2 bar (29 psi) pressure resistance – the same performance data as the traditional, larger 16 mm rocker valve.

For a full overview of all our microfluidic valves, please visit the Bürkert website. Alternatively, please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email to discuss your specific requirements.

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