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Defintion of systems - Process

Definition of Process systems.

Basic Process Systems:

1. manifolds including process valves, sensors, fittings

2. hygienic & general purpose design

3. specific materials (e.g. for analytical applications)

4. specific manufacturing processes (welding, cleaning, surface finish, …)

5. specific assembly processes (documented testing, assembly in clean locations).


Engineered Process Systems:

1. systems consisting of standard components (Bürkert and 3rd party)

2. integration of standard components (wiring, plumbing, assembling)

3. simple programming (PLC, EDIP)

4. cabinet or assembly level system (no complete skids).

Engineered Process System


Complex Process Systems:

1. systems consisting of standard components (Bürkert and 3rd party) and application specific components (e.g. membrane filters)

2. customer does the process and PID development / design

3. skid, packaged unit or container level system

 4. Bürkert does the mechanical, fluidic and electrical engineering, integration, build, commissioning

5. installation, commissioning, service, training.


Complete Process Systems:

1. like “Complex Process Systems“ but including the process and PID development / design.




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