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Defintion of systems - Mechatronic

Definition of Mechatronic Systems.

Basic Mechatronic Systems:

1. consist of solenoid valves, microfluidics valves, sensors, fittings

2. machined manifolds (plastic, metal)

3. specific materials (e.g. for analytical applications)

4. specific manufacturing processes (cleaning, surface finish, …)

5. specific assembly processes (documented testing, assembly in clean locations)

6. do not include standard manifolds (e.g. type 6013/14).

Basic Mechatronic System

Engineered Mechatronic Systems:

1. changes of product characteristic (pressure, temperature range, kv value, body material, seal material, environmental data, …)

2. modification of software (e.g. different or additional functions) and hardware

3. including injection molded and cast parts (e.g. valve bodies)

4. for all product families (microfluidic valves, solenoid valves, process valves, pneumatics, pumping + dispensing, sensor, integrated control, electronics + control, membranes).

Engineered mechatronic system

Complex Mechatronic Systems:

1. systems for which new components or modules have to be developed (electronics hardware, software, fluidic components, enclosures)

2. systems which include out-of-tool parts, manifolds and other components (injection molded, cast)

3. realisation of an existing principle into system solution.

Complex Mechatronic System

Complete Mechatronic Systems:

1. like complex mechatronic systems but systems for which specific functions or processes have to be developed (e.g. dosing or dispensing, ratio control, …)

2. use of new technologies, know-how, competencies and capabilities for design & production

3. complete development of a system solution including functional principle

Complete Mechatronic System

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