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New Type 8139 radar level meter with 80 GHz technology introduced

The new Type 8139 is our first 80 GHz radar level sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids.

For many years now we have been offering various measuring principles and technologies to monitor the liquid level in storage tanks and vessels. In addition to float and tuning fork switches, we also supply ultrasonic, guided radar and radar level meters.

New standards due to 80 GHz

"The new radar level sensor Type 8139 complements our sensor range and, thanks to 80 GHz technology, sets standards in the field of level measurement", emphasizes Volker Erbe, Product Manager Sensors.

How does continuous level measurement with the radar principle work?

Radar-Füllstandmessgerät, das in einem Tank installiert ist und Radarwellen sendet.

The sensor emits a continuous radar signal at 80 GHz. This signal reflects on the surface of the filling medium. The sensor receives the signal as an echo.

Special algorithms in the sensor electronics convert the frequency change between the transmitted and received signal into the filling level.


Your advantages at a glance

✓ Measurement even under difficult process conditions
✓ Improved measuring accuracy (± 1 mm)
✓ Use in small tanks & vessels

Measurement even under difficult process conditions

Until now, difficult process environments limited the use of radar technology in level measurement. Thanks to the new high-frequency technology and the particularly large dynamic range of 120 dB, the sensor can now measure in foam- and condensate-forming liquids as well as in media with low reflective properties reliably.

In addition, interfering reflections caused by installed equipment are less common compared to 26 GHz devices. For example, the sensor does not detect cooling coils or stirrers in tanks and vessels due to the smaller radar cone.

100% higher measurement accuracy

Optimized hardware and software of the sensor ensures a particularly precise measurement. In contrast to 26 GHz radar level meters, which achieve an accuracy of ±2 mm, Type 8139 achieves ±1 mm.

Ideal for small storage tanks & vessels

The antenna system of the device is integrated into the process connection. As a result, it does not protrude that far into the vessel, which reduces blocking distance (dead zone) in the upper area.

The 80 GHz technology allows measurement in very small tanks due to an improved signal focus. Furthermore, Type 8139 is available with process connection size ¾".

Take your measurement to the next level with our new radar measurement device Type 8139.

Type 8139

Radar level meter for liquids suitable for use in applications with aggressive fluids as well as with hygienic requirements

Type 8139
  • Continuous level measurement up to 30 m, 4…20 mA, 2-wire
  • Available process connections: Plastic horn antenna, thread (G, NPT ¾ and 1½ ), flange (DN50, DN100), clamp (2")
  • Excellent radar signal focusing and high measurement dynamics
  • Adjustable using the display/configuration module and keys, alternatively via PC-Tool with DTM

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