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Bürkert nominated for company of the year

Food Processing Awards - Company of the Year category

Bürkert is a healthy company that is entirely family-owned. We are masters of our own destiny and invest only our own money in state-of-the-art technology and superlative quality.


Our regular free training has helped share knowledge within the industry and attendees enjoy the courses due to the relaxed learning environment all delivered by Bürkert industry experts. 


At the end of 2012 Bürkert UK moved premises and continue to grow in the process market, particularly in food and beverage processing.

We aim for financial results together with our core goals: independence, technology, quality leadership and culture.

Because there is a huge emphasis on the culture, we have managed to attract and retain the best professionals in the industry.

If you agree that Bürkert deserve to win Company of the Year category of the Food Processing Awards 2013, please email your vote to

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