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All roads lead to Rome ...or to the Bürkert shopping basket?

That's right: Do you already know about the interactivity of our Bürkert data sheets? Here you can find out more about the product data sheets and what advantages they bring to your work.

In addition to the image and general description of the product, as well as the important technical data and versions, there is a range of interactive content that makes working with our product data sheets even more efficient.

In larger companies, for example, the product data sheet serves as an overarching tool for engineering and purchasing, enabling precise internal communication. In smaller companies, the "all-in-one-layout" forms the basis for quick decisions with direct ordering options.

Orders directly from the product data sheet - possible with and without eShop:

There are various ways to get to your product. We offer you conventional ordering methods, such as placing an order with your Bürkert contact person or using our eShop. Did you know that you can also order from our product data sheets?

First you have to open the data sheet. The easiest way to do this is to search for the desired product on the Bürkert website and download it from the corresponding type or article detail page. You will also receive a corresponding product data sheet with each quote by e-mail. The product data sheet can be shared internally in an uncomplicated manner with the technical or purchasing department or, e.g., can be used in project meetings, so that a suitable item can be clicked on directly in the data sheet and be purchased. If no eShop is available in your country, you can request the product directly from Bürkert in this way.

In the data sheets you will find the following interactive content:

  • Link to the Bürkert eShop and to the appropriate product filter - as a further supporting selection tool
  • Ordering tables of the different versions - with direct ordering option by clicking on the corresponding article number
  • Ordering tables of the matching accessories - with direct ordering option by clicking on the corresponding article number

And it's that easy
When you click on an item number, you will first be taken to a page where you have to select your country. After that you get to the article detail page, where you can place the desired article in the shopping basket or make an enquiry with one click:

Ordering made easy - with Bürkert data sheets. Anywhere in the world, at any time of day, in any situation. Try it - omnichannel eCommerce at Bürkert makes it possible.

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