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For those with processoriented work structures, the world becomes smaller. And the opportunities bigger.

When global presence is integrated in a network, the team spirit also knows no boundaries. Our process organisation allows Manikant Mohandoss and Greg Sutcliffe to live the close customer relationships for which we are known.


Manikant Mohandoss and Greg Sutcliffe

International Sales | Segment Management

“When there is someone sitting on the other side of the globe who understands you, because he thinks just like you, there is no need to board a plane for every decision. That is how our entire team works.”

When a genuine friendship grows out of team spirit beyond all functional and national boundaries, then that is typical Bürkert. Such “long-distance relationships” are possible through close professional cooperation and sharing of the same values.

Manikant Mohandoss has been with Bürkert in India for almost ten years. He has worked almost as long together with Greg Sutcliffe, who due to his activities in Segment Management is in constant close contact with Global Sales. Distance was never a problem in this respect. This is made possible by video conferences and regular networking events. It makes distances shorter, inspiration greater, projects more efficient and solutions more successful.

We have many partnerships like the one between these two employees. And the number is growing constantly. This improves not only the work climate, but also the result: We are expanding our market leadership in the measurement, control and regulation of liquids and gases – with precise, reliable and advanced fluid technology.

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