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Bürkert makes the entire family its family. And is even distinguished for doing so.

At Bürkert we do everything we can to create a balance between work and family life. Since 2010 we have been certified in this respect. Parental leave and part-time work are hence not just words, but lived reality – not least among our executives.

Andrea Hafner

Global Marketing

“Team coach and role as mother? That is possible only with good self-organisation and consistent time management. Of course, one first has to have the opportunity to implement it.”

For Andrea Hafner it was never a problem at Bürkert to balance the priorities of job and family. That her desire to return to work soon after the birth of her daughter was fulfilled, she owed primarily to the active support of her family.

But at Bürkert we also helped to make her return to work as smooth as possible – for example by setting up a nursing room, flexible working hours and a home office as needed. Family friendliness at Bürkert consists therefore not only of well-intended words, but of tangible acts.

The company Kids’ Holiday Programme is another example of this. When kindergartens and schools are closed during summer vacation, Bürkert supports its employees in the care of their little ones. This also enabled Andrea Hafner to be more relaxed about her situation at work.

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